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birds of a lesser paradise

A book cover re-design for Meghan Mayhew Bergman's collection of short

stories Birds of a Lesser Paradise.

The lettering for this cover was created with found objects; stored in a pizza box for safe keeping, and then photographed and edited.


Each object was selected for its relevant symbolic meaning to the short stories in the book. The stories deal with motherhood, womanhood and nature. One story could not be the poster child for the entire book. Instead,  the letters, with their myriad of variety and detail, collectively depict the novel as a whole.

Uncork Texas Wines:
WINE Grape Varietals

An eighteen page booklet detailing the manifold plethora of wine grape varietals in the Texas wine industry.

Uncork Texas Wines, a wine marketing program through the Texas Department of Agriculture, requested a second installment to their yearly booklet that showcases approximately 30 different grape varieties that can be found in Texas. This booklet also give basic industry facts and numbers and an introduction to viticulture.


I designed a bold, new take that departed from the traditional, baroque aesthetic of the previous edition. I kept classic touches, such as color palette and typefaces, intact to preserve the integrity of the brand. 

The wine industry needs to modernize to keep up with the beer industries variety and wide appeal to young consumers. Additionally, the Texas wine industry need not follow the looks and likes of older wineries. Unlike the classic norm in the wine world, Texas Wines are fresh, fun and badass.

ellipse magazine

Ellipse Magazine is produced by Rochester Institute of Technology's senior editorial class. The staff is entirely students with class' professors offering guidance. It is a collaborativeeffort between photo and design students. 

Art Directors: Kevin Zampieron and Meghan Marin

Would You Please Pass The Cricket? researched,

written and designed by Kendra Murphy,

photography by Maggie DiMarco


A variety of print work for clients

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